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About SDG

About SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals are goals set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

So the main actor when we talk about SDGs is the United Nations (the international organization that includes 193 member states).

SDGs are the consequence of a series of events that brought them to birth in 2016, that includes the foundation of the United Nations (1945), the creation of MDGs (2000), The New York UN conference in 2015.

From the user point of view (users can be countries’ governments, local institutions, companies, and individuals) SDGs are a tool (it is a tool you can use to improve your organization, your mission, and your sustainability), a process (achieving goals is not immediate), and they are systemic (each goal influences the other). They can have an external impact (they improve your image as a country, as a company, as NGO, and as an individual), a collective impact (achieving them by a single entity is a contribution to the collective well-being), and an internal impact (achieving SDGs is a challenge that improves your organization if you are a company or an NGO and your skills if you are an individual).

In order to make the best use of this “tool” the United Nations have created, you need to have a deep understanding of SDGs.

There are 17 SDGs and they can be split into three categories:

1. Social SDGs
2. Ecological SDGs
3. Economic development SDGsYou can find them in the following images.

The 17 SDGs

Source: The United Nations

Source: LTEconomy on The United Nations

Source: LTEconomy on The United Nations

Source: LTEconomy on The United Nations

In order to achieve a deep understanding of SDGs you can follow the course on SDGs on the Udemy platform. In the course, you will find the following content:

1. Introduction
2. Clustering SDGs
2.1 Social SDGs
2.2 Ecological SDGs
2.3 Economic Development SDGs
3. Reporting SDGs
3.1 SDGs and Business Plan
3.2 SDGs and Corporate Sustainability Reporting
4. Conclusions.

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