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About SDG

The Sustainable Development Goals are goals set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development.

So the main actor when we talk about SDGs is the United Nations (the international organization that includes 193 member states).

SDGs are the consequence of a series of events that brought them to birth in 2016, that includes the foundation of the United Nations (1945), the creation of MDGs (2000), The New York UN conference in 2015.

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Our Courses

Understanding SDG

Understanding SDG

Why a course on SDGs? Well, because they are not just a buzzword, they are an operational model for all those activities (business and not) who want to be leaders in the 21st century. Whether you are a humanitarian or a businessman, you need to have a good and “deep” understanding of SDGs to make the best use of them….

Our Courses


Understanding SDGs started in July 2022, and in year it reached 500 subscribers and about 100 user reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 average assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Become a member of the SDG community!

By enrolling in the course you will get all the advantages of being a part of a community . You will be informed on news, the new courses and all the tools we make available on the issue of SDGs.

Understand the difference between SDGs, CSR and ESG

By taking the course you will definitively understand what is the difference between SDGs, CSR and ESG. You will have a great understanding of SDGs.

Use SDGs in your work!

By taking the course you will understand how to make a good use of SDGs in your business or in your NGO to catch your stakeholders needs and get more financial resources.

 No, they aren’t. SDGs are a tool develo’ped by the United Nations in order to lead countries, companies and organization toward long-term sustainability (economic, social and ecological).
MDGs were developed by the United Nations in 2000 and were thought in order to address the social main matters. They were the precursor of SDGS. SDGs were developed to inclued also economic and environmental issues in order to complete MDGs.
SDGs are a tool developped by the United Nations in order to help countries reach sustainability pathways. CSR, in its traditional and old acceptation, nean Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a process by which “companies” become socially responsible. In some countries it has become compulsory for companies, with different acceptations. For example in the European Union CSRD stands for Corporate Sustainability Reporting and concern a series of rules companies must follow in their compulsory (from 2025 for big companies) Corporate Sustainability Reports.

Yes, you can. The course is meant for all those people, teachers, students, Business managers, NGOs employees or volunteers who want to have a good and complete understanding of SDGs.

The standard price is 50 dollars, but you can get a price discount if you contact us and become a member of our community (without any other fee) 

You can take the lessons on demand, whenever you are available after you have enrolled in it.