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Understanding SDG

Understanding SDG

Why a course on SDGs? Well, because they are not just a buzzword, they are an operational model for all those activities (business and not) who want to be leaders in the 21st century. Whether you are a humanitarian or a businessman, you need to have a good and “deep” understanding of SDGs to make the best use of them. This course includes four main parts: 1) a short introduction; 2) the main body; 3) communicating SDGs; 4) conclusions. In the short introduction, you will learn more about the story of SDGs, and the main differences between MDGs and SDGs. The main body is the biggest part of the course. It includes 1) how to cluster SDGs, and 2) Learning each SDG deeply (in all its targets). Clustering SDGs is very important to get an overall systemic view and understand how you are contributing or can contribute to them. Once you have acquired a good knowledge about the SDGs, you will learn how to “communicate” them in your activities, in your business plan and in your balance sheet. The communicational part is very important to improve what in this course we have called “external impact”. You will have a much better impact on all your stakeholders. Finally, there is a conclusive lesson that summarizes all of the course. This course aims at giving you great knowledge of SDGs, without having to go through all the materials that talk about them. Having good knowledge of SDGs can make a difference. Once you have finished the course, if you have any questions, can contact me also privately. Thanks for your choice.

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