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Climate Change

Updating the Status of Climate Change


Tracking the Global Monthly Temperature

Arctic Melting

Updating the Status of Arctic Melting

Anti-Land Grabbing

Supporting Anti-Land Grabbing Policies


Incentivating Rational Degrowth-Policies


Dario Ruggiero

Dario Ruggiero

CEO/ Founder
  • Position :Researcher
  • Experience:10 Years
Gennaro Ruggiero

Gennaro Ruggiero

CEO / Co-Founder
  • Position :IT Manager
  • Experience:10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Become part of the Community

By following Long Term Economy website and the courses and tools we are developing, you will become part of a community that will help you become a sustainable company/organizatio or a person expert on sustainability in all its forms and professions

Deeply understand sustainability

In this platform you will get the best information and clarity about sustainability in all its acceptation

Use Long Term Thinking in your activities

Develop Long Term Thinking will help you make the best personal decisions (professional, investments, carear etc...)e

It is the economic model  developed by Dario Ruggiero in 2011. This model helps (through analysis, articles, interviews, case studies, conferences, promotion of companies) companies and institutions move from a short term perspective (short term profits) to a Long Term Perspective.
Not yet. It is under development. For the moment you can find courses on SDGs, CSR and ESG. 
They can start follow the courses on SDG, CSR and ESG. It is a change of persective, by which the company change its timeframe moving from a few years to 10, 50 or even 100 of years
When yoi start thinking and investing in a long term perspective, you are automatically working on CSR, SDG, ESG and reducing your carbon footprint. All of these activities will help you get more resources now and in the future.
Tools are under constraction for a better understanding and practical implementation of Long Term Economy principle as well as SDGs, CSR, and ESG.