Support a Specific Project

Support a specific project. This section proposes specific projects.
The goal is to reach a set budget which will make it possible to realize the project. The donator will be included in the list of the supporters of the project, which will have high visibility during the communication campaigns related to the project.

Project: 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy'

The 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy' is something unique, the best way to speed up the change, a chance that we must not lose.

Are you a company active in the field of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, sustainable logistics? Are you an environmentalist? Are you an organization/person active in the preservation of the values ​​and resources of local territories? Here you have the possibility to strengthen your efforts! In which way?

Support the realization of the 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy.' The conference, once the budget is reached, will be held in Rome. It will include the participation of the most important national and international people in the context of sustainable economy, as well as the participation of pro-Long Term Economy companies/initiatives.  Politicians and other representative of the institutional world will also be present. The goal of the event is to encourage businesses and politicians to realize the economic model proposed by the Association. The final result is creating a favorable climate and a system that empowers small and medium entrepreneurs, craftsmen and all those that preserve the resources and the culture of local territories, those who promote a clean energy model and a sustainable logistics system.

All of us who want a better future are spread around the world. The 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy' aims to put together all these scattered forces (international organizations, national and local, private and public institutions) in order to make this future possible.

What do you receive?

The 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy' is a unique opportunity (perhaps historical) for all those who want to change our social model for the better. By contributing to the project, you will be included in the specific list which will be archived in a specific directory. With your contribution, you and your firm will emerge among those actors who first have contributed to the emergence of a new economic system.

Here the specific benefits:

a) Visibility: with this donation you become a historic supporter of the 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy,’ and included in the specific list. With a minimum amount of €50, you’ll have the membership card of historic supporter of the 'First International Conference on Long Term Economy,’
b) For firms: a specific list will be made for firms. This list will be showed in the Long Term Economy web-site (, and during the conference. According to the amount of donation, and to its mission, the firm may be selected to be included in the panel of speakers of the conference, and/or be object of a Case Study.
c) Special Treatment: you have the right to book a seat in the conference and come into contact with the companies which will speak during the conference.
d) Special Material: you get the conference proceedings. 

For further information contact:
Dario Ruggiero (Founder and Chief Executive of the Long Term Economy Association):