Davide Don (Master graduate in Environmental Engineer)

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(Master graduate in Environmental Engineer)


Environmental Engineering, a facet of Environmental Studies, is a sought after Skillset in demand in today’s world of sustainability and climate change. .Davide Don, a candidate for a Masters level degree in Environmental Engineering, intends to work hard and become a skilled figure in his field. How did he come to select Environment Engineering as a study? What contributions to society can this profession bring? Why place the care of the environment in the hands of a professional educated in that area?   He also touches on how current modes of Communication, Systems Thinking, and potential projects on the horizon may alter the course of today’s uncertain World facing difficulties with the changing climate as well as increasing interest in providing a sustainable future for generations to come.

Mr. Ignacio Gomez Urra (Artist, social activist, GK International Services)

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INTERVIEW WITH Mr. Ignacio Gomez Urra
(Artist, social activist, GK International Services - Holding de Asesorías & Servicios Integrales)


What happens if the world of art matches with humanitarian willingness? Can artists give a real support to human rights and help create a better and more sustainable world? In other words, what happens when an artist engage with humanitarian commitment. Let’s see it with an interview with Mr Ignacio Gomez Urra, an International Singer, MasterClass Vocal Coach & Entrepreneur. Ignacio and his wife have a Foundation which works in 3 areas to make this world a better place for mankind: 1) Educational Projects; 2) worldwide Charity Concerts; 3) Giving Jobs to unemployment people. Mr. Ignazio has met us to explain what he is doing and how he can help us to achieve our objectives in the field of human rights and sustainability.

Ivan Ginsberg

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(Social Entrepreneur in South Africa, owner of Living Wealth, http://www.livingwealth.co.za/)


Can a company be economically profitable and, at the same time, ecologically sustainable? According to Ivan Ginsberg, owner and General Director of Living Wealth, it is not only possible, but necessary! Based on his experience, 30% of resources are wasted by firms. By improving the efficiency in the use of their resources, firms can be both more ecologically and economically sustainable. What is ‘Living Wealth?’ What kind of services does it offers? What are the economic benefits of a business which undergoes an eco-sustainable program? Ivan Ginsberg answered to these and other questions.

Ferdinando Boero

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INTERVIEW WITH Ferdinando Boero
(Professor of Zoology and Marine Biology, author of Economia senza natura. La grande truffa -  Translation: Economics without nature. The big scam)


The economic and political establishment worldwide points unequivocally and constantly to the growth of the GDP. Ever-more non-governmental associations,  ecologists and ecological-economists, oppose this system, arguing that it is destructive for our planet. Ferdinando Boero, ecologist and author of the book Economia senza natura. La grande truffa (Economics without nature. The big scam), explain to us in simple words why the economy created by humans (the economy without nature) generate more damages than benefits and why it robs us of our most important asset, that is, the natural capital. What is the most important threat to the planet ecosystem? Why humans is the species most at risk now? Why the economy created by humans is a scam? What should we expect if we don’t change the current way of making decisions? Ferdinando Boero answered to this and other questions.