Become an LTEconomy Volunteer

What we propose is a free collaboration (in terms of time and modality): each person has his own specific skills which may be used for the benefit of future generations.
The Long Term Economy Association does not seek professional volunteers. It looks for people who want to make a contribute for a better world, and in this way improve their skills. The cooperation with the Association will give you the opportunity to enrich your curriculum in a professional manner.

How can you collaborate with us?
a) You can become part of the network of collaborators of the Long Term Economy Association in the fields of research (making articles, news, interviews etc...) and/or in the communication (spreading the mission and activities of the Association, as well as helping in fund raising activities). Send your curriculum ().
b) You can establish a local support group of the Long Term Economy Association, a (formal or informal) group made up of individuals and companies who want to promote the principles of Long Term Economy.
c) You can make national and international awareness campaigns.
d) You can do advocacy and pressure on local institutions.
e) You can promote Long Term Economy articles, news and interviews through the Internet and Social Networks.
f) You can organize meetings and events to raise awareness and funds via the Internet or on site (schools etc ...)
What does the collaborator get?
You will be included in the list of collaborators of the Association Long Term Economy and your name will appear on the website The name of those who will stop cooperating, will remain in a specific list for past collaborators. On request, you will receive a certificate that proves the activities carried out in collaboration with the Association.
The collaboration with the Long Term Economy Association is a great opportunity to improve your skills and your curriculum.