Why do we need Long Term Thinking?

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As the number of bloggers and supporters of Long Term Economy blog increases, many of them ask me “What’s about Long Term Thinking?” “Why do we need it?” We have already spent a lot on “What” and we will do more in the future. So let’s focus on “Why.”

A gun in the hands of a little child….
Imagine a gun in the hands of a little child. He can use it in a good way or in a bad way. Who know…But using it in the bad way can be very dangerous.
Let’s make a level-leap. In the same way , the way we organize and carry our daily activities can be dangerous, even if they give us some sorts of benefits in the short term.
“We live in a crucial period where the use we make
of technology can determine our development or extinction.
Long Term Thinking is a prerogative for Human development.”
Technology: a threat or opportunity?
Let’s now consider “Technology in the hands of humans” as the gun in the “hands of children.” Technology is not a positive thing (as mass-media always depict it) or a negative things itself. It depends in the use we make of it. It can be an opportunity or a threat.
The fact is that technology, the power humans have to impact on the planet is so high that it can be very, very dangerous for us and for all the planet. So Technology is a very dangerous gun in the hand of humans and can determine extinction or development of humans.
Extinction or development?
Yes, all depends on the ability of humans to use it and that ability strongly depend on the ability of humans to detect long term impact of the way we use that technology. If humanity is not able to do that, we are in a very serious danger because we have a powerful gun in our hands and we do not know what are the real effects of this gun.
Moreover, short term thinking (that dominates our current society), often make the wrong use of technology because that use is driven by making short term profits.
Technology is not bad or good itself. It depends on how we use it. The key to make it an opportunity for human development is Long Term Thinking. Without Long Term Thinking the likelihood for humans to survive long is very short. Perhaps, in the past when human impact potential was very slow, Long Term Thinking was not necessary. Now we need it.
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