John Nicolai - Sustainable Lobster

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INTERVIEW WITH Captain John Nicolai
(Founder of LOBSTER TALK, National and international speaker and media guest)      



For centuries, our seas and oceans have been considered a limitless bounty of food. However, increasing fishing efforts over the last 50 years as well as unsustainable fishing practices are pushing many fish stocks to the point of collapse. According to WWF, more than 30 percent of the world's fisheries have been pushed beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. One aspect of sustainable fishing lies on involving and incentivizing fishing industries in improving fishing practices. Nowadays, the fishery resources in world aquatic ecosystems are under threat due to the increasing pollution and anthropogenic impacts, as well as rising temperatures and ocean acidification due to climate change. Captain John Nicolai, one of Maine’s (USA) most knowledgeable and entertaining lobster experts, is trying to bring about awareness on the importance and sustainable use of lobsters. He would like to share the “legacy of sustainability” to fisheries departments and fishermen around the world to helping them for making a sustainable lobster fishing and sustainable fishery management. According to Captain John Nicolai, consumer education is the key in promoting seafood responsible fishery stewardship stories. Healthy dietary choices and teaching present and future generations how to properly prepare different seafood dishes in their kitchens is imperative. Captain John Nicolai is entertaining presentation complete with orange lobsterman overalls, baseball cap and Maine lobsterman attitude. ‘Lobster Talk’ lectures have been taken worldwide and appeared on national and international television shows, in printed media, with over 7,000 presentations. What exactly is the Lobster Talk project? Who is it addressed to? How people can see these presentations and come in contact with Captain John Nicolai? Captain John Nicolai answered to these and other questions.