Diana Group (Recycling Economy)

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INTERVIEW WITH Antonio Diana (Chairman of Diana Ambiente Group) and Vincenzo Conte (Commercial Manager at Diana Ambiente Group)


When each of us fills his ‘plastic cup’ with the water contained in his ’plastic bottle,’ he does not know there is a huge difference between recycling them or not. Recycling is the first step towards the so-called ‘Circular Economy’, an essential factor for a sustainable world. But we also need businesses, organizations which can enhance the results of our recycling. One of these companies is Società Recupero Imballaggi (SRI) which, located at Caserta (Italy, near Naples) and controlled by D&D Holding (in this paper also Diana Group), works on the fields of recovery and recycling of waste, logistics and environmental services. Its ‘mission?’ Give birth to a new business model, based on integration, social and environmental sustainability and enhancement of local resources.