Geetha Plackal

Research and Communication Area 
Geetha Plackal from Kerala, India had completed M.Sc. (Zoology), and M.Phil. (Aquatic Biology), B.Ed. (Natural Science) and Ph.D. in Marine and Estuarine Benthic Ecology. She had completed more than fifteen online courses from National and international institutes in relation with climate change, marine ecosystem, environmental low, scientific writing and polar region etc. She has been worked as Guest Lecturer in a college before Ph.D and SRF in a 3 year project along with Ph.D. She is Co-Chair of Global Goodwill Ambassadors, India and membership in more than 10 associations related with marine ecosystem, wetlands, biodiversity, environment and sustainability. Ambassador of ‘’Friendseaworld” India, an international foundation is working against plastic pollution. Working as Social Media Manager in “Gift Women Link Foundation”. Passionate in biodiversity and nature conservation, especially interested for Marine world- the “Blue Heart of Earth”.

She contributes to the realization of articles, news and case study and to the development of the Associazione Long Term Economy.