ŠCEC: a ŠCEC Network Is Going to Be Created in Catania (Sicily) to Boost the Local Economy

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With rising unemployment and ever more economic difficulties, several communities are adopting local currencies or discount coupons (SCEC) to foster the exchange of goods and services on their territory. The most recent initiative is taking place in Sicily: Catania will held a conference in April to present a new SCEC network. The conference will host artisans, farmers, professionals and traders who want to support the development of the local economy. 

What are the ŠCECs
The term SCEC literally means Walking Solidarity. In practice, they are discount coupons which are used by the members in exchange of goods and services. They are the result of a social agreement between ordinary people, small entrepreneurs, handicrafts and farmers, with the aim to foster the local economy. Thanks to SCECs, people are allowed to pay a lower price for goods and services.
They are issued by the Archipelago SCEC association. Each member is entitled to the same amount of SCEC. They have an exchange rate of 1:1 with the euro (so one SCEC is equivalent to one Euro).
The person who joins the SCEC network choose the discount rate he will apply when selling his goods/services. This normally range between 5 and 30%, and can be modified any time the person want to change it.
The Archipelago SCEC association
The Archipelago SCEC association was born in Naples near the Mount Vesuvius on April 5, 2008. It brings together various experiments of communities’ coupons in Italy: Associazione Codice Aureo (Rome, Lazio), Associazione Masaniello (Naples), Associazione Arcipelago Calabria (Calabria), Associazione Arcipelago Toscana (Tuscany) and others. Now the Association covers all the Italian regions with 11 territorial islands.
The ŠCEC in Sicily
The SCEC in Sicily was first adopted in Palermo; since then other cities and towns have joined the SCEC network (Syracuse, Palazzolo, Vittoriua etc). Now the SCEC is going to be adopted also in Catania, where a conference will be held on April 10th 2016 with the participation of artisans, farmers, professionals, merchants and politicians who believe in a change and want to reinvest in their territory.
You can never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, you have to build a new model that makes the current one outdated
 (Buckminster Fuller)
Building a new model means ‘taking responsibility.’ That means taking the ability to give answers, to act and to think outside the box; that's what all of us are called for. The SCEC (acronym for walking Solidarity), was created to give us (as an individual and/or group) again economic and social sovereignty. The SCEC’s success indicates the strong demand of sovereignty asked by citizens.

LTEconomy, March 29, 2016
Gruppo arcipelago SCEC Catania
Associazione Arcipelago Šcec



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