Palm Oil and Deforestation: first steps by Wilmar international

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WILMAR International, the biggest processer and seller of Palm Oil in the world, after years of great pressures from Greenpeace and other NGOs, has committed to ending deforestation generated by its agro-industrial activities in Indonesia.
Greenpeace Report, “Licenza di uccidere”, published last month, blame Wilmar’s suppliers for forest fares and destruction of habitats of species in danger of extinction, such as the Sumatran tiger and the orangutan in Borneo. The Wilmar’s new “Zero Deforestation” policy aims at cancelling negotiations with the suppliers that cause deforestation in Indonesia.
Last month, the Italian company, Ferrero, pioneered such an approach. Now, also the other big Oil sellers, Cargill, Musim Mas and Sime Darby, should be more responsible and take a step in that direction.
A more environmentally responsible Oil palm sector is a first step towards a slowdown in deforestation, but the real fight towards deforestation will come when the preservation of nature will have a priority over company’s economic profits.

From Greenpeace
9 December 2013