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Let's look at the chart at bottom: the Overshoot-Day (the day of the year when we ended the budget of our natural resources) by country. It demonstrates (without any doubt ...) that 1) our society (our social system) has failed; 2) it is iniquitous: Countries like the USA (but also Italy) end up their resources already in Spring .... Dear friends, the Overshoot Day tells us scientifically and quantitatively that we consume too many resources! Year after year, we finish our annual budget of resources sooner and sooner and depauperate the resources of our planet.

Now, let us focus on these three points: 1) the system determines our actions; 2) the falling system; 3) Create a new system...

The system…
1) The system leads our actions: most of our actions are guided by the system. The system is nothing else than the rules that affect our daily life (e.g., apart from the legal aspects, none of us would walk naked along the street, even if we prefer nudity to clothes ... We would be considered crazy ... vice versa, in a society where the rule is nudity, dressing would be considered madness ...). Most people follow the rules accustomed by the system. Others live at the edge: they follow the rules but with a critical eye and with the intention of changing them.
2) The broken system: This system is leading humanity to failure. Why? Simply because it is based on the myopic economic theory which aims at maximising the short-term profit, in opposition to the rules of the wider ecosystem (Nature) in which it is embodied (Nature points to long-term stability and survival). Thus fact is demonstrated by the chart od the Overshootday.  Our societal system is not sustainable any longer!!!
3) Creating a new system: If the system is a failure, those people who lives on the margin (see point 1) must act so as to create a completely new one. When it replaces the old one, every man in the world will live will according to the new rules, in harmony with the rules of the largest eco-systems we live in (see also: the great ecologist Edward Goldsmith and the great activist Mahatma Gandhi).
From a myopic economic model to Long Term Economy
What Is Long Term Economy? It is a new economic model that replaces the current dangerous myopic model. It is no longer the short-term profit the rating meter of politicians, businesses, people. Long Term wellness will guide them. That is, protecting nature, culture and social stability and paying close attention to economic and social equity, as well as, democratization not only of politics, but also of economy and essential services.
The Long-Term Economy Movement
What is this movement about? Simple. To change the system we need to make networks… All those who have a long term vision in mind, respect nature and lovbe other being, must join and unite their efforts. Thanks to this network, we’ll realize our dreams and change the system. In October, the platform will be launched. I twill take a form of a social netwark, just like Facebook. Buti t will be  independent and specialized in sustainable economy. I hope we’ll be a lot: activists of the Long Term Economy Movement. Greetings to everyone.


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Dario Ruggiero,
LTEconomy, 05 September 2017
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