Faith and sustainability

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Does God exist? There are people who believe in the existence of God and people who don’t. One thing is certain: if God exists, he has conceived Nature so that it can be independent and sustainable. So let’s think about Nature. All its elements, all its mechanisms make it sustainable in the long period: birth and death, herbivores and carnivores, the alternation of seasons, rain and sun etc... Everything contributes to make it sustainable.



Who has faith in God...
This is a call to all those people who have faith, people who have faith in God, who have faith that there is something superior that governs our existence. Me, you, we must learn to "think" as God thinks. Today humankind has become unsustainable:
1. We are an element of the divine plan that has gone crazy;
2. God has trusted us, but we are wasting this opportunity badly.
So, God has made Nature sustainable indefinitely. Are we following the will of God? The community which really believe in God is the one which is sustainable.
Nature is sustainable. Nature is sustainable because it has been made with a Long Term perspective in mind. Ecosystems are strengthened over the long term, they are made to survive and ensure long-term well-being. Behave like that, then we will contribute to the Divine Plan. If not, sooner or later we will be made out.
So what should we do? We should imitate Nature (Blue Economy - Gunter Pauli). We should first move from a linear economy to a circular economy, an economic model that is much closer to the way nature works. Long-term thinking needs to be re-introduced into our social system. What matters is not just current well-being (as it happens in a consumerist society like the current one), this well-being should be perpetuated over time. This means taking care of common goods, taking care of resources (natural, social and cultural), of our land. We should make our communities resilient, so that they do not depend too much on external resources and goods (Gandhi's Swadeshi).
When we behave like that, we could say: “we are following the Divine will.”
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