Dario Ruggiero: Global Goodwill Ambassador Italy Co-Chair Nomination

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Dario Ruggiero, initiator of Long Term Economy, has recently been nominated GGA Co-chair in Italy. Together with Messiana Carboni, he will coordinate GGA community in Italy in order to grow and allow members to help each other in their humanitarian work. GGA stands for Global Goodwill Ambassadors. It is a great developing international community made by people with a great heart and with willingness in helping the needy.

What is the GGA organization
The Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) is an initiative that empowers and encourages individuals, businesses, and civil societies to engage in charitable and philanthropic endeavors and volunteering initiatives covering global social and economic development issues including peace, poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equity, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment, social justice, fiscal justice, and new rating evaluation process.
Founded by Richard DiPilla in December of 2013, this volunteer organization has designated thousands of Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGAs) from 150 countries to promote and encourage humanitarian initiatives to make the world a better place. In building friendships and alliances, the #Global Goodwill Ambassadors help to create a better understanding of our diverse world population and tear down negative preconceptions.
Who can be nominated as a GGA
Since Richard initiated GGA initiative, thousands of people with a Linkedin profile (the platform chosen for sharing information and news among the community) have been nominated from around the world. People from every field of society united by the common will to help other, and create a better sustainable world. Since then, thousands of chairpersons and directors from important international and non-profit humanitarian organization have been nominated as well as people who do not have a role in big organizations but do their best to help local communities with their volounteer work, as well as, people who, with their publications, blogs, firms and initiatives contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
There are no hidden agenda. We hold our Ambassadors to account on our three basics tenets:
 - Express no bias;
- Express no hate towards anyone;
- Never solicit the other Ambassadors (They are regular but good people who all have their own cause).
Our only commodity we ask is Goodwill”
By Richard Di Pilla
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Dario Ruggiero,
LTEconomy, 12 September 2018


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