Gandhi’s unfulfilled will

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What is "will?" Can its meaning go far beyond what our mind think at first? Will is energy!!! It is the source of energy that allows us to pursue our goals, our mission. "Often life is a fight between wills and often our will suffers from the blows of those who feel threatened by it," because it threatens their status, or their convictions, convictions which come out of a system created by someone unknown or simply by itself (who knows. To the posterity the arduous sentence).

When the will is strong…
What’s the point? Well, some people have such a strong will (a will that often gets strengthened in the course of life) that make them endure to external blows and endure to the opposing wills, even when the attack comes from many people and angles. Concrete examples come from some famous people who have made history:
Gandhi: born in India, trained as a lawyer in London and returned to India, Gandhi has always had a strong opposition to racial prejudice. Gandhi's will was "the struggle for equality, human rights and a more sober humanity." This was what fuelled Gandhi throughout his life, when he joined the civil rights movement in South Africa (1893-1914) and India's struggle for independence (1917-1949). Gandhi strongly supported "non-violence," "respect for nature" and promoted "a sober life and an ethical economy," respectful of human rights.
Martin Luter King: like Gandhi, he was a great supporter of "non-violence." Martin Luter King dedicated his life to the "struggle for civil rights." His will was "the struggle for equality." He lived in a context slightly different from that of Gandhi. But the substance of his will is the same.
Nelson Mandela: Nelson Mandela never gave up. Not even when he was imprisoned in 1948 on charges of promoting activities against the South African government. His was a noble intent: "the fight against diversity," the dream of seeing black and white one day coexist in harmony, and with fair rights. Mandela spent 27 years in prison, ready to die in jail for his ideas. He was released in 1990 by South African President De Klerk, whom he joined to put an end once and for all to Apartheid. In 1999 Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa.
This does not mean that new other people cannot bring forward
and accomplish the unfulfilled will of these people
Accomplishing the unfulfilled will
We are talking about extraordinary people who had to face challenges and a system, and achieved extraordinary results. However, their will remained unfulfilled. This does not mean that new other people cannot bring forward and accomplish the unfulfilled will of these people. Today we have the technology to fulfil the will of Gandhi (a society based on sharing, love, equality, and a long-term economy, not a short-term one).
What we need is people, who are the heirs of Gandhi’s will, to coordinate, gather and carry out this important mission.
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