1st GGA Italy meeting is to come

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It will be held in Rome on 27th April 2019 at Hotel Occidental Aurelia (Via di Torre Rossa, 80) the first meeting of Italian Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA). GGA is an international organization in constant growth founded by Richard Di Pilla (International Influencer), which today gathers about 13,000 people around the world engaged in the defence of human rights and in the struggle for sustainability. The meeting aims to encourage collaborations between people belonging to the network.

The event will be attended by: Dario Ruggiero (GGA - Europe Chair, Founder of Long Term Economy), Marco Piemonte (Greenden Founder and CEO), Messiana Carboni (GGA-Italy Co-Chair), Giuseppe Li Rosi (CEO of Simenza) and all Global Italian Goodwill Ambassadors. It will be a very important opportunity for dialogue and debate, where GGA, Long Term Economy supporters and Greenden Ambassadors are going to propose an innovative solution to the ecological, social and environmental crisis of the 21st century. It is a pragmatic, real and effective project where the environment, people (economic and “social” opportunities especially for the young are to emerge) and the widespread quality of life (equality) come first. Becoming part of the network is an opportunity to improve your life, that of your children and of the generations which are to come.
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