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INTERVIEW WITH Bwambale Rwamanyonyi
(CEO of Gift Women Link Foundation )      



In the context of socio-economic development, the “Women Empowerment” is one of the most discussing words in the world. Women empowerment is important for increasing the quality of all aspects in life. Without this, one society or nation unable to move forward because women are important part of human society. They are daughters, wife and mothers and there are lot of women is away from school and education. They have no good job or income. Some women are working women, but others are housewife. Women are more vulnerable to nutrient deficiency related diseases. They are always vulnerable to different types mental or physical harassment. Especially, the women from marginalized populations are more vulnerable to such activities globally. Globally, a highest percentage of women are facing discrimination in right to education. So that the women empowerment is very important to the safety and protection of women from all such problems. It also helps to fight against the spread of HIV & AIDS. Educating the girls and women is an important step in overcoming poverty. The 2018 Women's Empowerment Principles Forum had conducted a programme in ECOSOC Chamber, UN Headquarters in New York. The UN Women’s Empowerment Principles states that the “Equality Means Business”.