Blog rules

  1. Bloggers writes and shares articles under his own responsibility. So Long Term Economy is not in any way responsible for what the blogger writes. In particular, bloggers should avoid writing articles that could fall into one of the following crimes:
    – Defamation,
    – stalking,
    – incitement to violence or racial hatred,
    – dissemination of false or tendentious news to disturb public order,
    – insults,
    – an alarm,
    – apology of crime,
    – insider trading,
    – infringement of copyright,
    – dissemination of personal data, including “sensitive” data.
  2. Although Long Term Economy is not responsible for the articles content, bloggers are recommended to write in line with the principles of the Long Term Economy. Below is a brief description of our mission:

    Currently, policy makers, economic operators and every person make their decisions taking into account just the effects on a short-time horizon (1 to 5 years). This decision-model is unsustainable in a long term perspective, because of the deleterious effects it has on the environment (e.g., an investment with a 5 year timeframe will certainly not take into account the effects on the environment), on the whole society (a shortsighted thinking feeds the intergenerational conflict and increases the social conflict) and on the economy itself (such a model can damage the resources of a territory, that will see its value falling in the long period).

    So what can we do? The Association proposes a new economic model named ‘Long Term Economy,’ a concept developed by Dario Ruggiero in 2011 with the creation of the web-site This model helps (through analysis, articles, interviews, case studies, conferences, promotion of companies) companies and institutions think in a Long Term Perspective. That means incentivizing all the operators (peaple, firms, institutions) to take decisions which first of all take care of:
    Social stability
    Economic stbility in a Long Term Perspective

  3. Articles must be short (maximum two folders) and follow the following style:– Normal text. Italics and bold letters are allowed to highlight words and phrases;
    – Images and tables are allowed.
    Paragraph title in italics;
  4. No periodicity of publication is required but a constant frequency is recommended if you want to have a certain visibility in the blog and in the various social networks associated with it.
  5. No remuneration (by Long Term Economy) is to be expected for bloggers’ articles on Long Term Economy blog.
  6. Bloggers can write in one or more of the following topics (the list can change over time):
    Circular economy (general)
    Sustainable textile and other sectors6 Logistics,
    Mobility and smart city
    8 Sustainable fishing and care of the oceans
    Democracy, Equality, Local Development,
    Development in Africa
    Sustainable tourism
    Construction and Sustainable Energy
    Sustainable agriculture
    Ecology and Ecological Footprint