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Playtime Seychelles blog has started an on-line learning on Playtime Seychelles blog-site, where we will give self-paced on-line courses for free.

Our first course is about the Convention on the Right of the Child “Introduction to UNCRC”

The target groups for this online-course are childminders in their own home or in daycares, crèches and preschools  but of course also anybody, that is interested in the subject, can join this free online course. It is designed to provide an introduction to the UNCRC and composed as a short, self-paced e-learning course, to be used by individuals or groups/ working teams. We hope this e-learning course will provide course-participants with knowledge about children and young people’s rights.

Structure and overview of the course

The course is built up in five short lessons, one quiz and four of the lessons contain assignments. The lessons are as follows

History of UNCRC

Content of UNCRC

Monitoring body, Optional protocols and General comment


Responsibilities and a Right- Based- Approach

Make a rights mobile


Free material is included in the course as PDFs. Free downloads. You can see a presentation of the material in the brochure below.


We will be happy to reward everybody that completed the course with a course completion certificate. To get a certificate, course-participants need to register by sending an email to

otherwise without registering, anybody can still take the course anonymously.

About the instructor

Gunilla Holmberg is the founder of Playtime Seychelles , Playtime Seychelles blog and Playtime Seychelles online-learning. She is a former preschool teacher and an international vocational teacher that has been teaching and training becoming staff for daycare, creche and preschool.

You find the course site by clicking on the picture Playtime Seychelles online-learning  in the top of the sidebar of Playtime Seychelles blog or click on the link below

Welcome to Playtime Seychelles Online Learning


Check your knowledge about UNCRC by taking the Quiz below.


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