The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a holistic and integrative set of goals, that is, they have been defined together and thought of as goals that are closely related to one another. Not every goal stands on its own, all connected and intended to be applied as a uniform set. For example, it is said that a strong, healthy and just society is measured according to its attitude toward the sick and the needy. Indeed, from education to all, if we encourage quality education for some of the population (goal number 4) Without worrying about eradicating poverty #SDG1, eradicating hunger #SDG2, and treating the sick #SDG3, we did not do anything to solve the challenge, and even exacerbated the general situation, increased gaps in knowledge, and increased socio-economic gaps. It is very difficult to tell the story of the goals because they are so diverse, so broad and so ambitious, but nevertheless, we must aspire to this because they constitute a common language of values ​​for all of humanity.

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Image: A night walk in Norway. Source: SDGActionCampaign


Sharon Gal Or

Sharon is a marine ecologist by profession and is acting as an impact entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability, innovation and leadership for many years.

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Sharon Gal Or

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