or my view of education for childminders in nurseries, daycares, creches, preschools and home child minding.

The General Objective of eduction must be to provide students with the knowledge of the tools that are relevant to their profession, both in the public and private sectors, such as nurseries, daycares, creches, preschools and home child minding and other areas of activities, relating to professional work with children aged between 0-6.

Education’s Contents should be as a powerful box of tools for child pedagogy work, where the tools give students good conditions to fulfil and develop the social missions of their areas of activities, as well as develop a clear professional identity. Contents should focus on: developing the understanding for a “big picture” approach which includes nurture and teaching, where governing documents are the starting point for the content and where assignments are based on a didactic point of view; working with the well-rounded development of children; the pedagogue’s importance to the environment and the material where the learning environment is dependent on the pedagogue’s knowledge, awareness and approach.

The eduction subjects should not be limiting, instead, it should be integrated with each other in an interdiscipinary approach. An integration will provide students with an overall picture of the profession and its work methodologies. Democratic core values, where the students’ input, experience and needs will impact on the contents and form one part of the way knowledge is imparted. Teaching should build on collaborative learning, peerlearning, problem and case study methodologies, story lines and projects, both large and small, of an interdisciplinary nature. Reviews should be presented to the entire class, so that everyone can participate in various ideas and solutions, but also to provide an opportunity for discussions, feedback and the solidification of knowledge and theories.

The work methodology should build on a distributed teaching approach. Education should strike a balance between individual and group assignments. Individual assignments should be produced based on the group assignments, so that students can internalise them using their own ways of thinking. The eduction should be run in a contextual learning environment, a social arena, where facts, understanding and abilities are developed and where active participation and creativity form one of the conditions for the learning processes.

The education’s structure should be designed around progressive thinking such that the foundation knowledge, abilities and attitude that develop at the start of the education are built on throughout the education in order to provide students with a professional identity, competency for the area of activity and personal development.

On Job Training periods has a huge impact the on the students learning and understanding, The theories and subject knowledge will be strengthened by concrete and practical experiences where students learn under guidance. On Job Training periods provide students with the chance to develop professional skills and the ability to reflect.

The eduction’s working objectives should be to make students employable by provide the knowledge, tools and abilities for a child pedagogue’s work relating to goals and guidelines in the area of activities’ practices.



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