A lack of “determination”

You are probably a person with great skills and will, but why you do not succeed in what you do? What’s the mistake? What’s wrong with you? Maybe what you have is Lack of. It’s a lack of something. We have already talked about a lack of “priorities”, a lack of “team”, a lack of  “community” and a lack of “courage”. Now we are going to talk about “A lack of ” determination.

A lack of determination

Sometimes you have a big dream, or you have a big project and you also start it. But at the first problem, you give up. You say: Oh no… it’s too much difficult for me, I have not the skills to overcome this problem, I will never achieve my objective. That’s wrong!!! That is what I call “a lack of determination”. You should never give up if you trust your project, if you think it is a good one. Never make a step back. Be confident in yourself; understand that if you go back, you will fail; if you go ahead you can fail or win; if you go ahead with determination you will win. Determination is an important skill, especially for those people who want to make a change in their community, in their country and in the world, because a lot of obstacles could come. Without determination, nothing will come to fruition. The plans, ideas and goals will be stagnant without the perseverance to make them come to life.


“People with determination show initiative by being proactive They are willing to do what is necessary and beyond even without being told to do so.”

Northouse, 2016


What’s determination

The drive and persistence to get things done especially when others give up displays a person’s determination.  Effective leaders push boundaries when they are faced with obstacles and they have the ability to persevere through them. People with determination show initiative by being proactive. They are willing to do what is necessary and beyond even without being told to do so. (Northouse, 2016).

Determination includes displaying dominance especially when followers need to be directed. This is especially true in the case some decisions are unpopular (the community does not agree with it) but fundamental for the successful of the project, and to achieve its long-term goal.vIn this case, it is important that a leader asserts himself and demonstrates the determination to maintain the momentum towards the goal.

Becoming a successful leader is like running a race. A lot of people can start the race, but not all will last. Determination is: are you able to keep running despite the obstacles that come your way?

Determination is the desire to get the job done and includes characteristics such as initiative, persistence, dominance, and drive. Determination is a key trait to become a successful leader. If you give up, so will everyone around you.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”

Johann von Goethe

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it”

Thomas Jefferson


Why determination is so important?

There are several reasons why determination is so important for achieving goals and bring projects to succeed.

Firstly, a leader should be a model to follow, one who never surround in front of obstacles. If you surround, your community will to. Secondly, it’s a question of showing the emerging future (Otto Scharmer from MIT has worked a lot on this): leaders must have a clear vision of the preferred future, even when others cannot see it. Thirdly, sometimes the truth is not popular. You as a leader should have the courage to speak it loudly, to shout it.


What is determination made of

Peter Bregman, in his Harvard Business Review blog post, Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail, calls the skill of those leaders who do not hesitate to do hard: “Resolve”. Resolve means speaking up when others are silent. And remaining steadfast, grounded, and measured in the face of uncertainty. It means responding productively to political opposition, without losing your focus. This power is made of 4 main factors:

  1. Passion: Your strength is not based on the size of muscles or strength but on the size of the heart and the passion you demonstrate in doing what you love. You have an inner driving force that is contagious to anyone who comes into contact with you.
  2. Intentionality: Leaders with intentionality have the power to keep their minds directed towards the end result using mental pictures of what the end state will be. This vision illuminates their route. They provide the right amount of critical feedback and positive encouragement to keep people on the path to achieve results.
  3. Emotional Courage: Aristotle called courage the first virtue, because it makes all of the other virtues possible. Leaders must be bold and prepared to make unpopular decisions when necessary. Courage is acting on what is right, despite being afraid or uncomfortable, when facing situations involving pain, risk, uncertainty, opportunity, or intimidation. It is a state of mind that grows out of clarity of purpose.
  4. Steadfastness: Steadfast leaders are committed. Dedication to their mission or vision runs deeply in them. They are grounded in purpose and values. Leaders can have abundant passion, high intentionality, and the courage of a lion. But when adversity or hard times swirl around, leaders must show patience, tenacity, and unshakeable faith.


You can start any project based on brilliant ideas, but if you do not have the determination to face any challenge in order to bring it to success, it will never succeed, especially when it is about a breakthrough project. You should be like a Taurus. You have the strength to point your red flag and never lose it, never look back. You are the only one who can make your project succeed and your community develop. Be the source of your strength, be the strength of your community. Never give up, focus and go ahead!


Dario Ruggiero

07 October 2020

Dario Ruggiero

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