“Quarantine ” is the word that we are often hearing now days in this crucial phase of pandemic ,but quarantine of body can even be resisted and tolerated to a usual extent ,but the quarantined Mind keeps you isolated from the very beautiful gifts of God starting with the first one and most beautiful one that is “Love” which we all are longing for it and second comes “relationship “,third is “willingness” ,fourth is “passion” and 5th is “vision” .

Now this pentagon strike that we are hit in with creates a hollow heart and reluctant mind which keep you crippled to think the right way and do the right thing .

When you quarantine your mind to feel alone ,sad ,isolated of emotions ,then the first casualty that strikes on you is the casualty of Empathy at heart and mind .

When you Quarantine your mind to stay alone even when your body is free to move across any where ..That is a time when you are trapped in the clutches of your own thoughts …

When you quarantine your heart to isolate to do what it says it leads to casualty of passion .

When you Quarantine your eyes not to dream then it ends the very basic motive of existence that is vision ..

Do not Quarantine your heart and mind let it free ..To love …Live and lead

Tazeen Siddiqui

AUTHOR, EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, EXPERT COLUMNIST INTERNATIONAL LT FORUM (Please send me questions at fortazeen@gmail.com), Advisor Finland Mehackit .

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Tazeen Siddiqui

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