The loss of biodiversity is one of the worst things for us and our planet. A lot of reports by the WWF shows that we are losing species. Someone can think that these studies are overestimating the phenomenon. But it exists and we can see that 20 or 30 years ago more species, more other living creatures shared this world with us. The following study lunches an alarming working: 60% of fish species are at risk of extinction in a worst-case scenario.


 The study

In a study of nearly 700 fresh and saltwater fish species, researchers examined how warming water temperatures lower water oxygen levels, putting embryos and pregnant fish at risk.

In the best-case scenario the authors considered – where the climate heats a total of 1.5C – only 10% of the surveyed species would be at risk in the next 80 years. Instead, 60% of studied fish species will be unable to survive in their current ranges by 2100 if climate warming reaches a worst-case scenario of 4-5C (7.2-9F) above pre-industrial temperatures, researchers have found.


It’s not just about global warming

It’s important to remind you that our relationship with our planet goes well beyond our planet. We should keep in mind that our planet is our house and we should treat it as our planet. It can be too much negative scenario, ok, but we need to understand that our planet is our house and we should love it and all the other species. We are here because other species are here.


The full article on the study in the Guardian –

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  • Franca Colozzo

    It is very sad to see how man’s wickedness has caused so much damage to other living species. The seagulls, I often watch them perched on a rock in search of fish, even come to eat cat food.

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