You are probably a person with great skills and will, but why you do not succeed in what you do? What’s the mistake? What’s wrong with you? Maybe what you have is Lack of. It’s a lack of something. In our first article of this series, we talked about a lack of “priorities”. Now we are going to talk about “A lack of ” team.


A lack of team

When something goes wrong with your projects or activities, there is always “a lack of.” One of these is a lack of team.  When Otto Scharmer from MIT talks about leadership, he emphasizes the concept of people. In the 21st century the leader is no longer the head who gives the order, but the ones who are able to understand with deep listening those around him and let the future emerge.

You can be a very special person, but if you do not have the money you can encounter some problems in making advancement. With a team, you can do something even the richest person in the world cannot do.


How to find your team

The power of a team can be much higher than the power of money. Understanding what are your true priorities can be difficult. Finding the right people for a team can be even more difficult, but once you find it the power is immense. First, a good team is made of people with different competencies and different points of view. But they have something in common, the project links them together. It’s not your own project, not another member’s project, it is a common project that make that person realize himself and his/her deep dreams.

With the advent of social media, your team can be even international or made of people from different cities. Find all those people who have a strong will and are open and kind, people who are social, and are happy to spend time with you. Propose an ambitious project and adjust it with them and start a new project together. Be the leader, understand when there are some bad moments for the project, and give a boost to it. Even a team made of 5 people can change the world.


Enjoy your team

Once you have found your team, you must be sure that you enjoy your time when you work with it. Make sure you are working with an open mind, open heart, and open will. Observation and dialogue are two factors for a team to succeed. Joy and laughing are other two factors. Laughing is one of the most important aspects. When it is time to become serious you will, but take time to enjoy your journey.

Throw out your ego, understand you cannot d everything – find your team and enjoy it.


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