Pattern of Conducting Effective Online Classes .(Part 1) Grade 5 and above

Here’s the reason to curb screen time: a problem called computer vision syndrome — an umbrella term for conditions that result from looking at a computer or smartphone screen. “It’s most prevalent with computers, and typically occurs when looking at a screen at arm’s length or closer,” says Dr. Matthew Gardiner, an ophthalmologist with Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has explained that children shouldn’t have more than two hours a day of screen time.

Pattern of Conducting Effective Online Classes in Lockdown…

5th Grade and above

1- Before starting online classes give a 10 minutes relaxing Music and Ask the children to close their eyes and hear it with calmness..

2- The structure of implementing concept must include, visual, voice modulations in explaining the concept, calm voice, and break after 20 minutes of 5 minutes, ask the children to wash their face or take a quick round and get back so likewise complete 45 minute period.

3- Choose the concept from Each subject that has continuity in the next higher grade and give a project base learning for each concept. Implement the integrated concept project learning approach.

4-. Online classes have to be conducted
3 days a week following the above
pattern. To make it interactive
and fun, on every 4 th day make
that day as a project Visual day
where give an opportunity to
children to share their work on
the project and do a fun time of
15 minutes encouraging their
passion and hobbies.

5-End each class by sharing the beautiful scenery of Nature ,or the sun rise etc.

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