A lack of (1) priorities

You are probably a person with great skills, and will but why you do not succeed in what you do? What’s the mistake? What’s wrong with you? Maybe what you have is Lack of. It’s a lack of something. The first thing that comes to my mind is a lack of “priorities”. This is the first of a series of articles on “A lack of ”


A lack of priorities

When something goes wrong with your projects or activities, there is always “a lack of.” One of these is a lack of priorities. It came to me lately. I was analyzing the 17 SDGs set by the United Nations when making the final lesson for the course of Long Term Thinkers. Too many goals without a focus on. It’s true, the goals can be interrelated, but if one country wants to achieve all the goals altogether, failure is very likely.

It’s the same with you. When in your life you have too many projects and you do not focus on one of them, none of them will probably find success. Your energy are spread on too many projects. You do not have enough energy and time to make that goal a successful one.

The lack of priorities is a characteristic of the current short-term society, where very often people do not know what are the priorities in their life. They are confused and they do too many things.


How to solve this lack of

Sometimes you need to stop for a while and think about your life and/or your projects. What are the priorities in your life? Is it a relation with one person? Focus on it. Is it gaining health? Focus on it. Of course, in life, it’s not possible to focus only on one goal, but you can select some of them. It’s the same for your projects. Focus on! Do not spread your energy!

But also give time to yourself and be happy!



Looking forwards to our next “a lack of”

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Dario Ruggiero

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One thought on “A lack of (1) priorities

  • Franca Colozzo

    In fact, we men are always accustomed to blaming others and forgiving ourselves. But the world is only a reflection of our mind, which does not mean that it does not exist, but that we evaluate it according to very personalistic parameters related to our past experience, the education we have received, the affection we have been made the object of and that we know how to give back to others.
    To make a retrospective investigation of our soul, means to be aware of values, situations and circumstances that we could have lived in a less parrossistic way drawing the best from them. but already recognizing our own mistakes is a sign of awareness of our limits and therefore of maturity.

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