Human rights: the core values of the sustainable development goals

Human rights are the core values of the sustainable development goals. It implies freedoms such as freedom from fear, want and freedom of media. Furthermore, tolerance and non-discrimination through education is crucial since democracy, solidarity are among those values. In my own context, socially the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the social, will improve lives in our community; economically, the 17 goals will lead changes in trade and improve incomes; politically, the 17 goals will help authorities to work under an agenda that will be promoting human rights and good governance; culturally, the 17 goals will help community to enjoy the planet they are living in and thrive thanks to such values in a world developed.

Some efforts are made in my region, country and community in order to fulfill such goals for a sustainable development and a prosperous place where people can live. Although, it seems to be slow in my country because of lacking great institutions and will to achieve them; individually, I am willing to work on them in order to accelerate their fulfillment through my different volunteer works in which I am involved in across central Africa. In this area there is still a problem of youth to belonging to a global community. People don’t want to face common challenges today.

There is lack of solidarity and collective responsibility of a global level. We should share a common inclusive ethos that allows us to share a common vision for a better and sustainable world in order to become global citizens. It will only be possible if we consider it as one’s duty and take actions in adopting a way of life and go through with an ultimate goal. It will be the objective of open-minded people and not something else. We need to reduce poverty, to accept immigration, to take advantages of outcome of nationals.

These are inherent rights in a more industrialized world. We need to fight against poverty in adopting inclusive policies and be more responsible in respecting human rights. Because we are belonging to a humanity, we need therefore to pursue an objective to promote and protect human rights. It will only be possible if there is education for all. Students should benefit from a good quality of education in finding scholarships and such education should include global citizen education to be more relevant. We need to take into consideration the dynamic aspects of identity to foster an all-encompass.

Gabriel Dunia

Gabriel MUGISHO Dunia, with a Law degree, in the field of public law, from the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB), and also waiting for graduation on Think Tank management, in the specialty of Liberty from Atlas Leadership Academy ALA in , works as a Lawyer at the Congolese barrister, an Author of Sustainable Economy and Long Term Economy. Finally, I have been part in the Tech-Work family since 2020. He is active in the area of human rights. That’s why he was nominated and named Global Goodwill Ambassador. He has since served as a shining example to others in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as in Africa continental chapters. He is the Country Representative of African Objectivist Movement and a member of its Global Executive Team (GET). Prior to becoming a Lawyer, Gabriel MUGISHO Dunia served as the Legal Advisor of the catholic university of Bukavu for two years (2017-2018). He is a Student of Atlas Leadership Academy. He was BORN on September 29, 1990 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and live there with his family.

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Gabriel Dunia

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