Exposures to environmental pollution remain a major source of health risk throughout the world, though risks are generally higher in developing countries, where poverty, lack of investment in modern technology and weak environmental legislation combine to cause high pollution levels.


Exposures may occur via a range of pathways

Associations between environmental pollution and health outcome are, however, complex and often poorly characterized. Levels of exposure, for example, are often uncertain or unknown as a result of the lack of detailed monitoring and inevitable variations within any population group. Exposures may occur via a range of pathways and exposure processes.

Individual pollutants may be implicated in a wide range of health effects, whereas few diseases are directly attributable to single pollutants. Long latency times, the effects of cumulative exposures, and multiple exposures to different pollutants which might act synergistically all create difficulties in unravelling associations between environmental pollution and health.



Two words: Culture and Community. These are the key elements. We can reduce pollution as long as we understand that our land and our social relations are the most important factors

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  • Stephen Saunders

    Bwambale, your article could be enhanced by giving some examples: of levels of exposure, of cumulative and multiple exposures, and of synergistic pollutants. That being said, I really don’t know who your intended audience is, maybe yours just needs a brief and pithy overview which you have given. You have summed up your article in two lines which is an excellent conservation and economy of thought. Keep up the good work.

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