“My Voice …My Opinion “


“My heart wants to speak, my eyes wants to express, and my mind wants to act.. For my right to justice”

India is a land which has witnessed amazing historical events of getting our Nation’s freedom when the whole nation united to throw out injustice, tyranny and violence over the people.

India is a land of people who has always raised their voices for justice when any citizen of the nation was hurt irrespective of religion,caste and region.

We are in a constant battle of getting our Nation free from the clutches of poverty, illiteracy, corruption, discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or region, injustice and this battle is still going on …

The most dangerous threat that we need to battle with and win is the threat of stopping people to raise the voice for justice, when this dangerous threat continues, then the Nations core values of standing in solidarity for the right start to disappear and hereafter the mind looses the ability to differentiate  right and wrong …where we loose the great minds into mechanical “yes” and “no” without thinking, analyzing and judging….

We need to create a Nation of “Justice”, “Kindness”,“Honesty “ and most important to allow every heart and mind of the Nation to stand for the right without torturing them,without giving them threats to be silent.

Let’s together create a united India of love, kindness and justice…..

“Revive your silence into words of wisdom,justice,love and Kindness”

Tazeen Siddiqui

AUTHOR, EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, EXPERT COLUMNIST INTERNATIONAL LT FORUM (Please send me questions at fortazeen@gmail.com), Advisor Finland Mehackit .

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Tazeen Siddiqui

One thought on ““My Voice …My Opinion “

  • Franca Colozzo

    Dear Tazeen, for this wonderful program to be realized in the land that Mahatma Gandhi consecrated to historical memory in the sign of justice, democracy and the breaking down of all barriers between men, it is necessary to unite in a single choral embrace that welcomes under the same roof all men, whether Muslims, Indians or Christians. We must leave freedom to those people who demand it and who are waiting for a comforting sign of peace under the aegis of the UN and Human Rights.

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