Ecotourism is becoming more and more popular in Lebanon in the past few years. In fact it is a beautiful country, a country to discover and preserve. Lebanon is unique. Its nature is so diverse, combining coasts, mountains, valleys, plains, water sources, waterfalls, dry areas, dense forests, bare landscapes…all on a small surface of land!
From the extreme north to the extreme south, passing through the Bekaa valley and the mountains, there is an endless variety of places to visit. The moderate climate we have in Lebanon is one of the reasons that make ecotourism manageable all year round. Literary speaking, a different trip in nature can be done every day; 365 distinctive outings can be scheduled yearly, each having its own characteristics and special touch.
To be truly honest, a major push to ecotourism is a remarkable club called “Vamos Todos”. It is a leader in this domain. As a lover of nature and a promoter of a clean
environment of sustainable development, Vamos Todos offers a “style of life”. Walking in the Lebanese mountains is a way to get back in touch with the country’s culture and tradition. On the trips, people tend to feel nature, breathe it, discover it and love it. This is what Vamos Todos is aiming to achieve. Eventually, Lebanese citizens will learn to appreciate their lovely land and try their best to preserve it by preventing forest fires, stopping the cutting down of trees, and eliminating littering.
As mentioned earlier, Lebanon is diverse and each area has its own splendor. The
mountains have several natural reserves, some of which are of unbeatable beauty such as the fir tree forest in Ammouaa Akkar, and the cedar reserves of Bcharreh, Tannourine and Karm el Mohr, not forgetting the reserve of Ehden which is known for its diversity of trees. At high altitudes, the cedar tree stands up high, but the only tree that survives even higher heights (more that 1800m) is the juniper.
Vamos Todos recommends all of the above, in addition to Annoubine Valley and all the river banks, such as the rivers Jawz, Bared and Ibrahim, among many others.
Vamos Todos advises you to time your trip appropriately. In order to see the ultimate beauty of the place in question, the right timing plays an essential role. For example, river banks must be visited in spring, when the water flow is at its highest level.
The Bekaa valley is best in spring or autumn, because temperature is extreme in summer and winter. The Bekaa has many attractions. The Jurd of the Bekaa is a piece of heaven on earth. You get the chance to see all the constellations at night. Hiking and camping in the Jurd is an ideal way to pass the weekend. The Assi River in the Bekaa offers an unforgettable rafting experience.

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