Do you Need Help with your LTE Blog article?  If so, you may contact a blog tutor.

So, currently we have four tutors who can help you:

Dario RuggieroTazeen Siddiqui, Dr. Geetha Plackal and Stephen Saunders

You may contact them by visiting their LinkedIn profile and obtaining their e-mail address from the contacts section.*

Or you may message them and ask for help on either the “Long Term Economy Blog” or the “Long Term Economy Blog wave2” messaging options.

These are under the Messaging tab within your LinkedIn system.


So Some of the topics covered by tutoring:

  • Rules and principles for adhering to Long Term Economy thinking
  • How to submit and download a photo and cover background for your blog space, and add a biographical “About”
  • Technical help such as how to use the Blog Editor and the “Add New Post” feature
  • Preparing and submitting a draft version
  • Editorial help such as what paragraph headings to use, what font, font size, etc.
  • Password reset function
  • Where to find Post statistics for your name (Using the “Posts” or “All Posts” tables)
  • Article length and choice of topic and title
  • How to attach tags and how to choose author categories
  • When and how to set a featured image

  • How to improve Readability within the text and for the purposes of gaining Search Engine priority
  • How to use the Readability analysis and Focus Keyphrase options (those colored circles!)
  • Fixing the Error 404
  • Advanced help with the Cornerstone Content option for articles over 600 words


You will find your author experience more rewarding by using some or all of these options and

improving your text.  And our tutors are experienced at most questions and issues that may arise.

Or, if you are a maverick and wish to wing-it all on your own, that is OK too!  In any event, best wishes

on your next article and possibly we hope to hear from you soon.  Because as of December 2019 we have constructed

an e-learning platform and have assigned each LTE blogger to a tutor to expedite our help and to ensure

that each member has a good understanding of Long Term Thinking. You will be assigned a tutoring channel

on LinkedIn if you don’t already have one.  So, if  you Need Help with your LTE Blog article? , let us know.


* Other tutor team members include Bojana Bogojevic, Fatjona Filipi, Grazia Giordano,

Naveed Hussain, and Sylvester Ngonga.


As of January 2020, we have also established 7 tutors for the LTE e-Learning Platform. These roles

may overlap the roles of the blog tutors mentioned above. The 8 platform tutors are Dario Ruggiero,

Stephen Saunders, Geetha Plackal, Sylvester Ngonga, Grazia Giordano,

Fatjona Filipi, and Tazeen Siddiqui.


So if you join the e-Learning club you will be assigned a

tutor to communicate with you. Because help topics to be covered include 1) access and login or password

issues. 2) writing a good blog article vs. an indifferent one. 3) personalizing your narrative

and using a 3rd person style to represent your thoughts. 4) and drawing the reader to empathize with you.

So Good Luck!



Stephen Saunders

Executive Director, Long Term Economy | Member, LTE International Board | Internal Auditor

Stephen Saunders has 25 posts and counting. See all posts by Stephen Saunders

Stephen Saunders

2 thoughts on “Need Help with your LTE Blog Article? — Contact us

  • Franca Colozzo

    Thank you Stephen Saunders for your precious help with Vineet Mani and Paolo David Sacco.
    I must say that I moved around the blog without any difficulty and this is the demonstration that it is done well and it is easy to navigate in it.

  • Stephen Saunders

    You are welcome, Franca Colozzo for your honest comments. It is fortunate that we have not had any complaints or requests on the navigation issue, nor have we had any page loading time problems. We must thank Dario’s brother, the webmaster @Gennaro Ruggiero for this. You can make your article easier to find and navigate for others (within the blog) by utilizing the “author categories” which were created when you registered for the blog. They are set and located near the bottom of the right hand of the post edit screen. You simply check which boxes are appropriate for your particular article. For example, Sustainable tourism is an author category which will appear in color underneath your title. Hope this helps.

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