It needs extensive research to predict, what effect and how the future techs will affect us physically & mentally.

The way we are human is beautiful. We see, we smell, we taste, we talk, we listen, and we touch; 7 wonders of the universe. Now the question is how to preserve or polish these traits, but more important is how to keep these senses against the technologies of the future.

A big challenge is to “get out of smart devices and talk to each other”. Individualism is on the rise. Health is on decline, as modern research suggests, loneliness is lethal for life. It is equally dangerous to smoking.

Things definitely land on “smart choices”. Smart choices not by TV or Billboard, a Hollywood model telling us to be smart. Smart, sensing the right and making wise choices. Responsibility lies on the people, who are leaders in the sense of the word. This responsibility is very high. If we do it properly and can save the future. In case we fail, humanity will fail. Hence, a change in consumerism and a very effective drive is very much needed.

Let me give you a hope, by not exaggerating or wishful thinking. Seeing people like Richard DiPilla, Dario Ruggiero & Otto Scharmer and different organizations cropping up to tackle the issues. I am myself was working & living a normal living. My consumerism was the same. Until I became aware. I made smart choices and started addressing the issue.

However, hope is great in its value but not in magnitude. For the magnitude part, it comes down to you. Be an example for your family. Let this fragrance of change to spread to your neighbors and so on and so forth. This practice model is effective and it can show an ice-ball impact in changing the consumerism.

Naveed Hussain

Global Goodwill Ambassador Development Specialist by Education Long Term Thinker LT Economy

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Naveed Hussain

3 thoughts on “As I see the Future; Challenges in hand.

  • Franca Colozzo

    The relationship of the individual with solitude, in which this society confines him, is very interesting.
    A system to escape from loneliness and from a world that is becoming more and more virtual is that of keeping as much as possible relations with one’s own kind unless a person completes himself with reading and studying.

  • Stephen Saunders

    Naveed, and Franca, lovely thoughts. As a person who is not too well accepted socially I am now daily facing the challenge of health, consumerism, and some loneliness. I hesitate to even comment here because many misunderstand me and I now have the mindset of being misunderstood. Plus I don’t want to force my opinions and views on others. I agree that we must keep possible relations with one’s own kind “and” completes himself (herself) as mentioned.

    • Naveed Hussain

      Dear Stephen,
      Yes, I agree with you that this kind of technology is definitely has positive uses. The one you have mentioned in your valuable comment as well. I will assert, a smart choice!

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