ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (basic concepts you need to understand)

There are many things on Earth responsible for sustaining life. Some are very crucial, some has secondary & tertiary importance. Among all I place “environment” on top of the list. As I know without our environment nothing can show magic of life. The balance of Earth’s environment gave rise to the conditions of “life” as we know it.

Environmental Protection

Can we protect the Earth’s environment? No! My answer may have amazed you. Don’t be amazed, as if a strong solar wind, strong enough to overcome Earth’s magnetic field, can blow it away, if so, we will not be able to protect it. So there’s nothing in environmental protection then? No! There is a lot, but it’s about protecting/keeping the required BALANCE of Earth’s Environment. Actually, environmental protection stands for protection of “environmental balance”. Because without this balance, life, as we know it, will not be possible. So, we need to sustain “environmental balance” to sustain life on Earth, especially ourselves & things necessary for us.


The current economic model & technology is destabilizing this balance by every second. Therefore, it needs to be stabilized back every second. Yes we must, but we are not gods. Hence we must have long term goals, appropriate to counter effects of our consumerism on “environmental balance”.


Seeing complexity of the issue, solutions also seems close to impossible. But it’s not, rather it is very simple. The handy solution is to plant as many trees as possible, plant a tree every day, if you can. The growing proportion of CO2 can only be tackled by this very convenient, easy and very befitting way. Along this, a number of things we can do together while waiting or pushing toward “All Green Economy”, as;

Shift in Consumerism

Prove the way “human” is described in the books of economics and business, wrong. Adopt a more educated life style. Education’s sole purpose is to define us to ourselves. Once it’s done define your ethics, rights and possessions in the light of “environmental balance”. It will change your lifestyle and make it greener. A behavior shift of consumer will give a great “push” on the market to go greener. It will also slow the rate of environmental damage.

 Population Expansion

It is gnawing jungles, cultivable fields and natural habitats. Instead of horizontal expansion, we should shift to vertical expansion like Japan’s X-Seed 4000 city. This all city is a single building all stationed in sea, six kilo meter of circle and 4 kilo meter high up in the air. The best model for future cities. A vertical city of 1 million people.

Other than this, for new cities we should pick non-cultivable places. Look at ancients. They all spared ground for agriculture and used mounds, hills or mountain-side to build homes. Hence keeping space for agriculture. In shape of small helmets, rather proper cities can also reduce misbalancing environmental effect.

To me, the toughest issue among all is stopping expansion of agricultural fields, replacing jungle, a natural habitat of trees and millions of species. As growing population means growing more and more food. Though not due to this issue, but, countries in dry desert of Arabian Peninsula are transforming desert in to lush green fields. This gives us a solution, to keep jungle and woodlands intact and to turn non-cultivable lands in to cultivable fields.

Population Control

White writing this article, I gave it a miss. But now I feel a compulsion to speak of the issue. On a wholly-solely dominant planet of human beings, human’s population expansion is taken as a problem. Yes, we must admit we are part of problem, but it’s not due to increase in our numbers, it’s, how did we take it? There are loads of theories and practices to bring human population under-check. Some may agree and others will not. I suggest that we must practice smart choices. More economically destabilized region gives a bigger “population” explosion”. It is the most convenient and not only irresistible but “wanted” design/strategy to do so.


We need a popular shift to zero CO2. It will have to be revolutionized. There are many ideas. Good news is that, nearly every firm is working on to make fuel efficient machines. Our travel from Carbon fuel to green fuel should not take much long.

Awareness to Action:

We watch, listen and read loads about it. Now is the time to act accordingly. We must put our efforts for a green change in the world. Environmental Balance is key to life on Earth as we know it.

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