Logistics and Customer Service walk hand in hand

You can be a good service provider in the logistics industry. However to do this, you need good customer service.

The way to do is often what makes the difference:
A customer service of excellence combines what is done (action) with the way to do (attitude).
Tips for excellent customer service
1. Try to understand what your customer is waiting for and just do a little more and exceed his expectations! It’s often the way of doing things that makes the difference.
2. Be positive about your client and make your actions and attitude inspire confidence and make you credible.
3. Respond quickly to customer inquiries, questions and concerns-it’s important to them.
4. Tell your client what you are doing (by phone or email) and keep them informed of the changing situation.
5. Explain the usefulness of your actions, as this is not always easy.
6. Be helpful and friendly in your communications.
7. Be polite – the right ways count.
8. Customize your communications by calling the customer by name.
9. Try to establish a link by mentioning something special about the customer.
10. Be enthusiastic, show yourself in a positive light by the gestures and expression of your face, smile on the phone.
11. Take the responsibility of answering the customer’s request, let him know that he has waited for him, specify that you have seen it and that you will contact him again. Remember that it is with you that the client deals and that you represent organization, so give your name.
12. Take the time to check the details.
13. Please apologize if there are any mistakes, and make sure that you put yourself in his / her place and understand the problem.
14. Be assertive and obliging. Helps the client find their way around the organization: Introduce them to the right person, tell them where they can find what they need, describe the procedures to follow, suggest that they personally follow up or explain them why delays are necessary.
15. Always tell the customer when they will contact you again and do it without fail, even if it is just to register a new delay.
16. Stay calm in pressure situations.
17. Once the problems are resolved, ask the customer what they think of the service and thank them for taking the time to give their opinion. The customer’s opinion will weigh the next time he will deal with you.
Finally, if you can, give people more than they expect.

2 thoughts on “Logistics and Customer Service walk hand in hand

  • Stephen Saunders

    The attitudes and ways you describe in the logistics industry hold true for many industries that have customer service. I especially note number 14, be assertive and obliging. It is sometimes hard to maintain an assertive stance under pressure from your managers, or with backlash from a customer. Still, this is what is needed. As far as being obliging, that is good but you must not come across as condescending to a customer who also possesses many of the qualities of a peer. In this case, you must be firm, obliging, direct, but not with an air of superiority. Thank you for your time in reading this.

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