11/02/1990 – A date to celebrate

Yesterday In history 11/02/1990 Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Vester prison, near Cape Town, after 27 years of incarceration. And after he was released from prison he was the most celebrated living human being on earth until the United Nation Organization set aside a day for the world to celebrate this Iconic Hero of Justice  because he stood for Justice before Peace.


In essence Peace is a result or an offshoot of Justice

In today’s world many countries, people and organizations clamour for Peace, every where you go you will see a write up “we want peace” on placards, bill boards, Tv stations and many religious leaders preaching Peace. In essence Peace is a result or an offshoot of Justice. That is no matter how much Peace we proclaim without engaging the process of Justice, instability, social unrest and many vices will be the attitude of the day. At this juncture people will ask what then is justice? This concept of Justice has been around for centuries and no matter its differences in terms of implementation its principles remain the same. Justice means giving each person what he or she deserves or what is their due. Following Aristotle “equals should be treated equally and unequally”, in its contemporary form it is sometimes express as individuals should be treated the same. Peace in world sense is a word for politicians while justice is for those initiating and fighting for freedom which entails respect of ones human dignity, because with justice equitable resource allocation is done.With Justice the employment environment is positive, with justice no child can call the street my home, with justice inmates can benefit from both formal and informal education ,with justice, rights and duties of citizens are well placed on the balance, only then will Peace be guaranteed… Let us all Preach Justice and Peace will Follow………..

Nchoji jobain Peter

Human rights defender


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