Human need

Every human being hates disappointments, lies and long queues. Everyone wants to have a comfortable life and would do anything to achieve this. It is a human need that always requires fulfillment. Anytime this human need is unmet, problems and unbearable situations arise.



Corruption has become a central focus for discussion by the populace due to its damaging effects. The concept of corruption is broad and controversial as well. A lot of factors has led to high rate of corruption in Africa. In addressing this deadly canker and fighting corruption, these factors and causes must be considered.



Corruption is not an entity but the individual. Corruption starts with a person. We are the corruption! It is not abstract or a thing but an INDIVIDUAL. If individuals are willing to change their attitudes, mindsets and behaviors toward taking and paying of bribes, stealing from public coffers, ignoring rules and by-passing systems in their jurisdiction of work, then the first step of eradicating corruption is possible and achievable!


Poor systems

A country whereby systems fail to work becomes prone to corruption. Everybody hates disappointments therefore if the systems are unreliable, many individuals will find dubious ways and means to get things done in the shortest possible of time in a dubious manner. Individuals who are put in charge of every institutions, organizations and platforms need to be loyal, faithful and work hard to meet every deadlines. For instance, if people apply for passport, driving license to mention but few and the proposed date of receiving it is two weeks, it should. If two weeks passes into months and the applicant has not received, just know , the system is weak and people wouldn’t rely on it. Therefore will resort to corruption.


Low-paid salaries

People spend billions of money in their education only to graduate and get employed with low salaries that keeps getting individuals into debts. In this manner, unsatisfactory workers who have to meet their basic needs of life would use dubious means to get more money. Salaries must be at least average enough to put food on the table, pay bills, provide shelter and little left to save. Africans suffer from low salaries resulting in corruption because the bribe and stealing from public coffers is a survival tactical strategy. Many established companies and institutions in Africa pay managers so high which sometimes is ten times higher than other qualified workers which is so outrageous. Giving meagre salaries to other employees who even do most of the hard work isn’t appropriate. This error must stop!

People will go any length if it means cheating, bribing, abusing laws, and stealing from public coffers to get what they want. One must know corruption doesn’t just happen. Many factors as cited have led to high corruption rate in Africa.



If Africa can win its war on corruption, then individuals must change their mindset, attitudes and actions towards life, systems must work and be reliable, high income for workers to mention but few.

But my question to you is “Can Africa Win Its War On Corruption? Share your views!

Priscilla Baffour

Humanitarian. Co-Founder&Md, Primad Organisation. Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA). Author. Women-Girls Empowerment. Woman Of God.

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Priscilla Baffour

4 thoughts on “Can Africa Win Its War On Corruption?

  • Stephen Saunders

    When our new pastor Stephen was at our church in the back narthex, I stood with a basket to collect for the poor (as a member of the St. Vincent de Paul society). He jokingly grabbed some bills out of my basket and tossed them in the air and grabbed at them to illustrate that he came from Africa and was well acquainted with corruption. We both had a good laugh, but in all seriousness he made a good point. Not only are the public coffers at risk, but so is the seat of all decency: the church!

  • Dario Ruggiero

    Great article Priscilla and great comment Stephen. Our behaviour is fundumental and make the whole society. I agree with Priscilla, there are some factors that nourish themselves and contribute to nourish corruption in a country. Above all inequality and low paid jobs are among the most important factors

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