Discover a New Way to Live the Ocean and Sea: Social and Participative



Our planet is more than 70% water but a few people are aware of the importance of maintaining the sea life. There are thousands of creatures that live in our seas and oceans and humans do nothing to take care of them. In fact, our modern life has a negative effect on most marine life because of the amount of pollutants we throw in our oceans and uncontrolled fishing. The Blue Revolution is to support the ocean and sea community thanks to the contribution of people from all walks of life if they are interested in saving the ocean and are concerned about how the water life is like in our world. It aims at creating a global ocean community that will involve people from all walks of life who share love and care about the ocean and the sea.


Who can join Blue Revolution?

The Community is open to anybody and not just restricted to people who work in marine related jobs. If you are a creative person, if you are interested in the health of our planet or if you are someone who just wants to take better care of the world then this community is what you need. Artists, doctors, teachers Creative Team, Musician, Writer, Filmmaker, Creative Entrepreneur, students, Editor, Designer, Producer, Ships Builder , Seaman or Startup and you’re ready to be part of a Collaborative Community for to accelerate Your Creative Idea. are welcome to join. No matter what you do in life or how old you are, you can join the Blue Revolution community and become a part of the team.


What can I do at Blue Revolution?

Choose something that is interesting to you. If you are interested in saving the endangered sea animals then invite your friends and share your ideas. If you are concerned about the amount of pollutants that make our sea life unhealthy, then this is the place to organize events and invite your friends.  They will put in their ideas and you will see how they share.  School students are welcome to participate too by sharing their ideas and projects to save the sea life and the precious creatures that live in our oceans. It is everybody’s responsibility to take care of the ocean and pay attention to the creatures that live in it and Blue Revolution makes this possible.


Support with Focus the Protection of Ocean and Sea

If you are an SeaLove, community of friends of the Ocean and Sea for to grow Ideas and a Better World “ #BlueRevolution. Grow the Community and help to Spread Love, Culture and Respect for the Ocean and Sea.

Discover a New Way to Live the Ocean and Sea Social and Participative.



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