Some years ago, I was watching a documentary on making Mars a habitable planet. While talking on main issue of oxygen, the filmmaker suggested to house number of stations to release some millions of ft3 Oxygen per day and someday oxygen will come up to the required percentage for us to breath.


Now consider Earth. Our only habitable home in the Universe. On average, about 2.57 million pounds of carbon dioxide current CO2 based economy emits into the air every second & 222,048 million pounds per day. How long will it take to choke the planet? Now, planet has started to choke. Our seas has absorbed maximum level they could. The clock has started ticking. There is no long way ahead. On this estimated billions of years road ahead, we might slip in the chasm of CO2 dug by our own hands. It could be that the biosphere is already at its limits.

What to do?

If we push breaks all of sudden, we know that we cannot afford it either. It needs a gradual but fast-paced shift from Carbon Fuel Based Economy to Green Sustainable or Alternative Economy. Current economic model has brought us to a place, the maximum it could have. Now it is time to shift to the next level of civilization. In this level, we must be that developed to be supportive of nature.


The Earth is energy abundant, specially pouring Sunlight, soaring Wind and Running water. In some parts of the world one is more abundant than the other. Nevertheless, no place is devoid of all three of these main resources of energy. I see energy like a cloud computing. You have to be connected with proper means to download as much energy required anywhere in the world. It can be that heavy wires will go missing and every home or habitat will have its own energy unit.

A bizarre idea today will be reality in future. There are some bizarre concepts about zero emission transport & even passenger jets. Fuel efficiency has become a top priority in every machine’s design. Even houses are built keeping it in consideration. By bizarre I do not mean that a 350-passenger liner will have 2 miles span of solar wings, but very possible that fuel may release “water vapors”, and later is more likely.

What should we do?

Push it, push it for green economy. Start practicing it in personal life. Prefer it in your daily routine. It will make a trend. Industries follow trends. If you are from industry, jump on to it. Give an alternative, talk to people, take ideas, do experiments and present your products in the market. Another push, which is very important, is a political push. If you have political position in your country, take it on. Be a pioneer. Create surveys to register green energy resources potential in all geographic locations in your county. Create pilot projects. On success, start replacing the Carbon fuel. Moreover, this is how we will start shifting from Carbon Fuel Economy to Long Term Economy.


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