An Arrey Ivo video on the environmental benefits of the Green Cradle Project. The first African intervention aiming to combine conservation, agroforestry, growing of food and alternatives to threatened and endangered wildlife as well as a vocational training centre to offer courses and build local capacities in permaculture, agroforestry, conservation, poverty alleviation, project planning and management for SMEs, sustainable livestock keeping (including duck, sheep, goat, pig, quail, fisheries, apiculture, domestication of NTFPs, guinea fowl raising, poultry farming etc), vegetable farming, green and adaptable technologies and more.


Over 35000 elephants are killed every year. In central Africa most of the elephants are poached for their meat. In the region, lions, rhinos, raptors , giant birds and primates (including chimps, gorillas, drills) and a wide array of monkeys are also critically endangered by the illegal Wildlife or Bushmeat Trade.


The Green Cradle initiative of African Centre for Community and Development is seeking to address the dire issues in an holistic way in which alternatives to wildlife like sheep, goats, quails, kroiler or poultry, ducks, geese, guinea fowls, cane rats, pigs, snails, eggs etc. and some fruits can be farmed while conserving surrounding tropical biodiversity in Cameroon. It seeks to use tested practices on the grounds to teach/train various stakeholders including hunters, farmers, civil society groups, women groups, youths an the unemployed ecological ways of farming, environmental approaches to better their livelihoods and to provide access to alternative proteins at the Green Cradle so as to stop dependence on over-hunted wildlife.


Ecologists, researchers in tropical biodiversity, eco-tourists and the greater public will also use the Green Cradle to better works and to enjoy nature and vulgarize the model. To support, fund, contact, partner, collaborate, volunteer etc. at the Green Cradle contact African Centre for Community and Development on the addresses below: Arrey Mbongaya Ivo (Director/Founder)ACCD and Green Cradle: BP 181, Limbe, Cameroon Support conservation, agroforestry, growing of food and the raising of alternatives to threatened and endangered wildlife at the African Centre for Community and Development.

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