The Fishing Issue

Sea food is known all over the World and in many cultures as an keen source of protein and healthy

fats.  Advances in tech have led to fishing practices that are depleting fish and shellfish pools.

Economists and Conservationists say we will need to employ sustainable fishing practices.  “Overfishing”

is catching so many fish at a time that it  can result in a big payoff for fishermen.  However, it  always

leaves few fish of a species. If the fish population is small, it cannot easily replenish itself through

reproduction.   The same is true for land based fisheries that eventually become no longer economically

viable after so many years when the fish stock is gone.  Also, the use of fish oil tablets has depleted

some Atlantic ocean fish.  See

This link also describes exactly what sustainable fishing practices are, ranging from primitive to modern.

Note there is one organization (MSC) that “eco labels” fish products to encourage sustainable methods.

The tourism Issue

Likewise, “eco tourism” industries such as Whale Watching may be affected by smaller pods of

whales.  This has happened  in the State of Washington, USA in the Puget Sound region.   The Governor

of the State currently wants to stop all whale watching as well as other measures to up the herds (pods).

Whales are indeed sensitive creatures when it comes to human intervention and viewing.  The

birthing of new whales is under close monitoring in that region.

Sea Colonies

There are also proponents of stopping all fishing, such as some of the designers of floating sea colonies

in the Mediterranean Sea. Instead, the colonists would be nourished by a modification of vertical farming.

Both those designs as well as proposed floating cities in the Japanese current also use ingenious enclosed

bubble farming.  Some of these are essentially floating smart cities.



As for the issue of creating more public aquariums, some say that they only satisfy man’s egoism.  They

claim fish can be fully appreciated in their natural enviro.  Do you think aquariums are worth the use of

construction materials for the tradeoff of viewing sea life for a few minutes?  Note that some of the

same people who oppose aquariums are in favor of more fish hospitals to care for diseased, struggling,

or pregnant fish.

Final word

In conclusion, a related topic is Care of the Oceans by the same author and can been read about in this link:


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