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The advancement of ICT has brought new opportunities for both knowledge sharing and knowledge gathering for women in our male dominated society. To the extent that the community can reach heretofore unconnected individuals, families, and populations to better understand their needs and challenges, ICT can provide unlimited opportunities for economic development and social engagement through new innovative thinking and tools. ICT will empower women with more information services, with more information, and indeed with more voice in public affairs.

Empowering women will give them the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them to improve their lives. Providing women with an education, job training and basic services to ease household responsibilities are ways to empower women. As women become more knowledgeable and acquire skills, they can accomplish a great deal.

Women spend most of their time within their homes, engaged in child care, food preparation, and other tasks. Such women have little access to information provided formally in schools, or in the workplace. So a women’s network has been formed to broadcast information they need via radio. The radio mass medium reaches homes, is affordable, and serves as an effective means of communication with these house-bound listeners.

Women who have been limited from participation in many forms of economic life will utilize ICT in order to participate in e-commerce (conducting business without personal contact with men), and thus become more economically active. Pay inequality exists between those who have ICT skills and those who do not.



Current Interventions

Since February 2017 to date, Gift Women Link Foundation for its best success in the lives of poor women and girls, GWLF won the “2017 Global Girls” in ICT event fund from International Telecommunication Union and through partnership with some other organizations like African Ark College of Management Sciences, Tools With A mission UK, Global Good Deeds, Board members, the foundation has trained 132 participants in different ICT skill development for the future. 2 (two) of these girls in ICT Events results (2017 and 2018) have been hosted under www.giftwomenlink.com


The ICT centre for continuous training 2018

Due to continuous questions about events sustainability, the foundation planned to create an ICT centre for continuous training 2018. GWLF has setup a project site with 3 staff members specifically for this project.

Due to continuous registrations and demand for ICT training, the foundation has organised a radio broadcast for disseminating information in rural and urban areas about ICT Empowerment for 3 months.

Six (6) women groups have been formed, well organised as trainers of trainees. Each group consists of 13 members who will take a training course for 3-6months and after successful completion, a certificate of training will be awarded.


The Empowering women with ICT project

On 17th July 2018, Gift Women Link Foundation launched “Empowering women with ICT project” 2018 under the €1200 funding from ASOCIACION CULTURAL CANDELA from- Madrid Spain. In the launch all groups attended the launch and took photos at the proposed training site with the project banner.  https://www.giftwomenlink.com/ictforwomenproject

Project Objectives

  • To provide basic computer skills including internet operation for literate women.
  • To provide education on women empowerment for illiterate women through mother’s group.
  • To produce and broadcast radio program on women empowerment on weekly basis through local Radio Station.
  • To provide hearing amplifier and spectacles to women having hearing and eye impairment respectively.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on e-learning and e-commerce.
  • To increase the literacy rate and to empower the educational status of women.
  • To conduct informal literacy program for women in backward communities.
  • To facilitate academically deserving and economically underprivileged young women to pursue their studies in ICT.
  • To provide Zero account and daily saving provision with ATM and SMS Banking facilities to the rural part in co-ordination with bank.

Major Activities

  • Information and educational kits on women empowerment
  • Radio program
  • Basic Computer Course training
  • Work shop on hardware and networking
  • Tele-medicine
  • E-learning
  • E-commerce
  • Provision of Zero account and daily saving including ATM and SMS banking facilities
  • Screening test for hearing and visual impairment
  • Adult literacy program
  • Provision for higher study in ICT


With all events that GWLF held and project launch, overall major problems includes.

  1. Computers and equipment’s for the training.
  2. Internet connectivity and installations for information access.
  3. Illiteracy in women


Gift Women Link Foundation has launched a gofundme campaign of $1000 for the purchase of computer equipment as a concrete solution for skills development. The foundation is flexible to any form of support towards sustaining the project.

Help us realise our sustainable goal here https://www.gofundme.com/ian039s-birthday-for-women-in-uganda


Together we Stand, Divided we Fall

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