Care of the Oceans

Care of the Oceans has gone up because of concern about over fishing.  So, the trend is toward Sustainable fishing.

It is everybody’s business to take care of the oceans.  Ocean water supports a wide array of marine life, and it

also supports the overall water cycle of our Earth.  Water has been called the “staff of life”, and marine environments

such as Indonesia and Oceania have vibrant, active environments and moderate weather patterns, and plenty of real life.

Colonizing the seas

Colonizing the Ocean is currently being proposed.  For example, some floating smart city designers want all fishing

to be stopped.  Vertical farming would nourish the colonists.  Some floating cities proposed in the

Pacific near the equator would have net zero carbon and zero waste.  There is also less wave action

or storms near the equator. So there would be greater chance of survival and success.  Further, there are

floating smart cities proposed in the Mediterranean sea and in the Japanese current. 

Ocean Cleaning

We have all read about the garbage patches in the Oceans, particularly in the Pacific and the Indian

Ocean.  Recent attempts to clean the oceans of plastic have failed.  The net (on a long boom) which is supposed

to catch the plastic works, but the plastic slips through the net.  So, engineers want to improve it.

In other geographical areas such as India the problem is more with plastic milk containers

collecting on the beaches.  Because their removal is a difficult task.

See //

Saving a Blue World

In another article, I discuss the idea of saving a blue world.  See

The Beaches

You may have experienced the ocean at a resort.  Beaches are a popular activity belt and shelter a

wide variety of life in the inter tidal zone.  However, recreation is not the only purpose for those beaches.

Here are 10 ways  to take action.  You may know some of these already.  You may not have thought

of some of these.

So whether you are a beachcomber or a scuba diver the National Geographic

Society wrote these ideas  just for you!

A social approach

For info on a newer social approach to the ocean and seas, see


To summarize, the Oceans are a living staff of life.  Water is essential to life.  We cannot afford to

pollute, contaminate, create waste in, or otherwise degrade and ruin or tarnish our Oceans.

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