Unlike in the western world, Africa still lags behind when it comes to gender equality. In the past, gender inequality has been a general issue, but the western world has  by far addressed this issue to a greater extent. As African women, we have been raised to be home keepers and little less in terms of business and other roles that are deemed male oriented. Up until  recently, women building careers in the sectors such as Aviation, Politics, among others seemed impossible and unheard of in some African countries.

As a lady pilot in a country with not more than 30 women in the same profession, I believe this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Women must be given equal opportunity as men, by creating a conducive work environment to favor them to equally compete. A few of the organizations that will employ women, will not adjust their policies to favor the female gender, who are in turn frustrated and are forced to cut short their careers. This is a continuous cycle.

However there are some inspirational African women breaking barriers and excelling in various sectors, Mama Ngina Kenyatta (Kenya),Folorunso Alakija (Nigeria) to mention but a few, who are making it big in the business arena, creating employment for the masses and giving back to their communities. Winnie Byanyima (Uganda), is the Executive Director of Oxfarm International, an Aeronautical Engineer and a role model to the girl child for what she has managed to achieve despite the stereotype about women in Africa.

Statistically in Africa, women are more than men.If these women are given equal opportunity to be productive as men, It will have a greater impact on the development of Africa.

Gender equality.

Ashaba Faridah

Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) (Uganda) - Regional Director and Partner with the Energy Angels for woman empowerement in Africa

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Ashaba Faridah

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