half a degree difference

The Big Deal

Awhile back U.S. leading papers such as the New York Times and the Seattle Times had

as their headlines this phrase:  “Why a Half a Degree Difference is a Big Deal”.


The IPCC Report

This statement is a warning about global warming and how we need to take steps to stop

that trend.  Even one Master’s degree candidate (Davide Don) in Enviro Studies that I

spoke with stated the importance of this so called IPCC report from his view.

See the link: http://www.lteconomy.it/en/special-guests-en/special-gues

Since that time, European nations have tried to cut carbon emissions which  seems

like a good step.   Meanwhile, leaders of nations who do not believe in climate science should

assess and offer an alt constructive view. Because one doesn’t need to savvy Science to heed

the warnings of nature, known as the “cry of the loon”.  Or to intuitively understand the situ

and know what is best.

How Science really works

Science works best when there is first an analysis and interpretation of graphs, facts, and other data, and then

a critique of this info, and finally a more subjective view of the evidence.  Number crunching

does not replace personal comprehension of a situation.  Further, science is a step wise, iterative

process that comes to new discoveries piecemeal, a little at a time, may overshoot the goal of discovery

a little, and then fall back on the final reality.  The best example of this that I can think of is the

finding of new stars.  One planet in our solar system was called a “button” until further refinement

in discovery and scopes occurred.

Graphic Magic

I have no reason to think that economic science or climate science is any different in the way they work.

We are collecting enough data now in graph form of the receding polar ice, the CO2 emissions levels

and their effect on the atmosphere, etc. that economists and climatologists can start to do curve smoothing,

interpolations (extend beyond the graph) , and other graphic “magic”.

Headlines in hyperbole sell

It is a fact that hyperbole (a figure of speech) sells papers.  These headlines are hyperbole, yet

they also capture the meaning of the IPCC report in brief.  Americans are used to “deals”.  A big deal is

even better.  Americans like deals because they get something more for their money.  The bigger the deal,

the better.  So, read the link below to find out what the U.S. papers were saying:


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