The springboard to success seems to have lost its propelling power. What was meant to be a new dawn seems as dark as the night. The short limbs can’t feed themselves and life has indeed become as rough as a badgers arse. The perpetual struggle of Africans hoping for a bright new day keeps becoming as hard as stone. Everyone is wailing, partisanship on its rise.

Be abreast with knowledge that democracy isn’t for the feeble and selfish at heart. Democracy which was supposed to bring freedom and growth to countries has rather become a pain in the neck. Why are developed countries progressing with democratic rule but vice versa for Africa? I believe due to cheap propaganda by African politicians which has progressively tarnish the image of many African countries rendering it unattractive to the outside world.

It has cost the African countries an arm and a leg to reach where it is now, but the pretentious attitudes and corruption of politicians would immeasurably bring us back to the era of colonialism.

When leaders have the mandate to rebuild the lapsing economy to help citizens afford the best standard of living, they rather invest our resources on various radio/television stations propagating unnecessary propagandas and rebuttals with irrelevant submissions.


Democracy has caused more harm than good to Africa

When anyone can just incite needless debates and alarming statements to shake our faith in government.

If we continue to allow politics to dictate and regulate every sector of our beloved continent, then we should get ready for the worse as citizens.
When parties come into power, everything turns into politics. How can our health, education and energy sectors also be influenced by political powers?

The elites in the country have become blind to social issues, becoming political animals, instead of criticizing and championing good governance rather support either PARTY A or PARTY B thereby defending bad policies and protecting their parties from public shame . When would we grow from partisanship which rapidly, is killing our continent ? When would we be neutral and defend the good course of our countries ? When would opposition parties join hands with ruling government to plan and strategize good measures to help our nation building? When would the ruling government accept constructive criticism from the opposition party and carry out its suggestions?


Thirsty for POWER

Every leader or party member is thirsty for POWER so would do anything for it. Until citizens think with their brains and take action, African countries will indeed be recognized as failed states. The economy isn’t stable, food is very expensive, citizens even can’t afford medical care thereby resorting in buying drugs they have no idea of its side effects. Just with the hope and believe of healing them. How can this continue ? But most party leaders are thinking of filling their bellies with state money. Politics is indeed a dirty game because politicians don’t think about the citizens welfare, it’s all about them and their greediness.

When Africans keep putting their lives at risk by using all dubious means to travel outside the country for greener pastures, people really don’t get them. How can they survive in this perverse nation when greediness and lies have become our hallmark! It’s no wonder even graduates have join this. When you see a graduate defending its party with cheap propagandas , it just makes the heart sad and also believe that money can indeed corrupt people.


It’s time

Until we as a nation change our attitudes towards politics, we will continue to suffer, especially the poor citizens who keep defending their parties instead of condemning their evil acts and seek for justice. It’s time Africans wake up from their sleep and fight for good living conditions.

It’s time Africa begins to work again . Democracy isn’t helping the African countries at all. Some politicians speak as if their countries are their personal property, interesting ! Wake up Africans.

I believe Africans need to adopt Plato’s system of government, the “PHILOSOPHER KING “ whereby everything belongs to the nation than Aristotle’s system of government whereby there’s a sense of belonging. The crave for material power and belongings has made democracy a nuisance for Africa and has led to greedy and selfish leaders as well as politicians!

Democracy will only work for Africa if our leaders become selfless and put the country’s interest first before their selfish needs. In this way, Africa will prosper again! When rulers become leaders to serve, Africa will shine again! When politicians don’t think about the next election, but sacrifice their all for their countries to expand and grow economically. When parties will refrain from unnecessary propaganda and champion for good criticism.
Priscilla Asamoah Baffour

Priscilla Baffour

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