Sustainable tourism: A journey, not a destination.

Prioritize place

Every organization has a unique story when it comes to its history, values ​​and culture, from the people who work in the local history and geography. Make this a core part of your organizational identity. For example, Rwenzori is unique when it comes to Uganda tourist destinations. The physical environment – Sun, Nature, Mountains, Animals, Tribes, Crafts, Minerals – can be found in many places, but the local culture and history can be found nowhere else. This should be seen as a key asset that travelers value highly.

The importance of respecting local customs and beliefs, and building strong relationships with local communities, our primary goal. When we work in real-time, we work together on real-time operations. Together, they focused on the importance of building a sense of being involved in touring experiences.

A major problem is understanding how visitors are changing, and tailoring communications to meet those evolving desires and values. Maintaining a sense of place and local culture and finding creative strategies for weaving those into branding and storytelling emerging as a key priority.

Gift Women Link Foundation Eco-crafting with RRR (Chemicals) has been approved as a working strategy for Rwenzori Region Uganda.

Bwambale Rwamanyonyi

Executive Director - Gift Women Link Foundation a charitable, Women based, non-governmental and not for profit making organization which addresses women empowering.

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