_ T.E.M.E.A.  Project    ” Trans_Express_Mediterranean_Europe _ Africa. _ Floating City/Islands _ New Transport System _ Ocean/ Sea / Mediterranean Economy –

           _ T.E.M.E.A.  Project    ” Trans_Express_Mediterranean_Europe _ Africa.
_ Floating City/Islands _ New Transport System _ Ocean/ Sea / Mediterranean Economy –

Unleash Your Creativity and help Change the World 

The project involves the development of a transport system with a system of autonomous and safe flying drones. and Islands stations / ecological floats. Used for anchoring boats and ships.   the autonomous drone flies with people from one floating station to the next Station.

The T.E.M.E.A project is a new form of development ,Transport system ,tourism , commerce and the “Ocean Economy”, the next frontier of humanity.


The plan is to build a Floating city with 60 meters of side. 5 levels / floors. apartments offices. Warehouses and maintenance of exhibition areas. Public areas and services. 5 levels. Apartments and  . Offices . Warehouse and Maintenance Areas. Medical Assistance, Exhibition Area Logistics Area “Rescue Unit Public Areas and Services Drone Airport and Logistics and a Fleet of 500 Drones With Autonomous Mobility .

Take part concretely in the Construction of the. Project

The Project has a target for the Mediterranean economy, local economies across the sea, improving the our relationship with the Sea and its Life in the Interior, connecting the networks of people capable of transforming their ideas, projects into reality to protect the oceans and the economy of the future.

Configurable Station System #ConfigurebleRouteSystem

Route 1 _ Starting point “Porto Civitavecchia” Italy “Europe –  Middle Point Arbatax” Italy Point of arrival “Bizerte” in Tunisia “Africa  665 km – 13 small floating stations one every 50 km #Civitavecchia #Arbatax #Bizerte
Route 2 _ Starting point “Barcelona” Spain “Europe –  Central point Palma de Mallorca” Spain Central point Ivissa “Spain Point of arrival” Algiers “Algeria” Africa  600 km -12 small floating stations one every 50 km # Barcelona # PalmadiMaiorca #Algeri
Route 3_ Starting point “Roquetta De Mar” Spain “Europe –  Point of arrival” Tibouda “Morocco” Africa 200 km -2 small floating stations one every 50 km #RoquettaDeMar #Tibouda. and more  Configurable Station System  they are possible

Shaping the Future of Floating City Architecture and Technolgy
 The Project with the ambitious objective of “Promoting the competitiveness of transport systems, supporting research, technology transfer, collaboration between research centers, universities and businesses, spreading innovation among companies in order to favoring employment, the ecological floating stations as well as the innovative transport system can offer a range of services ranging from hotels, restaurants, bars and offices, all made respecting the environment. It is our belief that humanity should start looking for innovative solutions in the sea and oceans.  our role is to prepare the ground for building and participating in the project.

The T.E.M.E.A Project is a new form of development of Tourism and Commerce and of the “Blue Economy: it explores a model in which the Partnership includes different stakeholders, with different roles.  Our program is to develop tradable plans for a new transport system that meets the needs and desires of residents, investors, developers and “host” nations.

 The Partnership aims to foster collaboration between companies and the research system for the development of the development project that responds to innovation and business clusters  We believe that the project is not only possible but sustainable: technologically, legally and financially. 

Objective to promote research and development of the T.E.M.E.A. Project. And the Creation of a Gloabal Social Venture  for the Construction of the project  Developing cooperation between Universities and Participating Companies  Search for European Bands and presentation of the same as a pilot project a model of transport system in the sea.

. The T.E.M.E.A Project have Goal to the Ocean /Sea Economy Develop ,Local Economies Across the Sea/Ocean and improve our Relationship with Sea /Oceans, and Life Inside, by connecting with the People Networks capable of turning their Ideas Projects into reality for to Protect the Oceans/Sea and Economy of Future .

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 TEMEA Project Trans Express Mediterranean Europe Africa


TEMEA Project Global Social Venture
TEMEA Project Mediterranean Drones Airport System

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The Oceans and Sea as a Solution for Human and Ecological Progress.

_T.E.M.E.A. Project ” Plan Development RouteMap

Trans_Express_Mediterranean_Europe _ Africa.
_ Floating City/Islands _ New Transport System _ Ocean/ Sea / Mediterranean Economy –

Settember 2018 – November 2018
Development of project’s Financing Development of Smart Contract, and marketing plans. Inviting additional team members in big data, marketing and financial management.
Start Reserch Technological Partnerships
November 2018 – March 2019
. Foundation Global Social Venture of all Project Management and Smart Contract
Start of fund raising campaign (PRE-SALE DropMed Token . Completion of the platform. Launch of TEMEA Project marketing campaign.
March 2019 April 2019
Run of DropMed Token Sale and fund raising campaign.
Launch of TEMEA Project platform. Referral program launch.
April 2019 –Ju ne2019
Start Participation in International Nautical Fairs, Technology; Ecology and other areas of interest of the Project Official release of the TEMEA Project platform.
Start of international information campaign to invite users and advertisers. Listing of DropMed Token at the exchanges.

June 2019
Completion of developing the software for all Process. Launch of mobile device application. Listing of “ Drop Med Token at major exchanges.
June 2019 December 2019
Development of project’s Architectural, technical and technological New Functions to theTEMEA Project platform.

December 2019– March 2020
Conferences for our partners and advertisers. Inviting new Technological Partnerships new community members and advertisers. Search Shipyard for Construction
March 2020 – March 2022
Start of construction of Floating structures until completion and commissioning Expanding into areas of the world the Project : Inviting international advertising networks.

May 2022
Start of Project Operation .
Start Navigation and To Fly whit Drones .and live On Board of Floating Stations .
T.E.M.E.A.Project Trans Express Mediterranean Europe _ Africa

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